Photoshop Adding Grain Effects

A photoshop adding grain effects tutorial I followed along to this morning showing five different ways to create a film grain effect using Photoshop.


Firstly I chose the photograph of a Blue Collar Sculpture (literally a pile of blue collars) I titled “Working Class” to use for the tutorial.

As a result of walking aimlessly around Dallas one Sunday morning, we stumbled upon Hall Sculpture Walk.  What a delightful surprise full of fantastic fascinating art, so a great place to visit was discovered.

If you’d like to add a film grain effect to your photographs Chris Spooner of Spoon Graphics has a great Photoshop Video Tutorial that explains this technique.  Chris demonstrates five different ways of going about achieving this look with the pros and cons of each.

He also has a whole host of quality Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials for you to delve into available at his website, so I highly recommend you popping over for a visit.

For your convenience, I have also linked to the YouTube video that I am talking about below…

Photoshop Adding Grain Effects | Video Tutorial YouTube

Cheers ~ Sue